Beyond the sale of new vehicles and the sale of second-hand vehicle, Car AFICIONADO also proposes to it customers the maintenance, the repair, the restoration and the preparation of their prestigious vehicles.

Although our essential activity is the sale of "modern" sportscars, Car Aficionado also looks for "classic" Porsche of road 356 and 911 as well as models dedicated to the competition (circuit and\or rally) such as R, T/R, ST, RS and RSR of period 1965-1975.

With an unequalled passion for automobiles Porsche, we try hard to find what there is of better in original or restored "classic" Porsche and we buy only only the cars that we would even like to control ourselves.

Our concern is to propose in the sale of cars in the state of origin, little measured in kilometres, in the known and validated history (number limited by previous owners) and\or restored in the best conditions (state competition).

Porsche 911


• Maintenance

Upon his/her arrival in our " Service / maintenance", every customer has to expect a reception personalized in a comfortable reception room with a consultation of the Foreman which will retail all the operations necessary for the maintenance or for the repair of the vehicle.

The technicians of Car Aficionado are trained to intervene on all the vehicles which we propose to our customers. The technicians pulled(entailed) and confirmed by the manufacturers (they attend regularly refresher courses on the new models) have an experience combined of almost 35 years of service in sportscars and much more when it is about vehicles "top of the range" generally.

Every member of the team brings the biggest seriousness and the concern of the excellence in the service returned to the customers (new and\or already established) during the purchase of their vehicle of exception.

If you have not still had the opportunity to address Car Aficionado, we know that our customers expect nothing less.

Porsche 911


• Repair

The workshop of maintenance and mechanical repair of Car Aficionado is validated by the manufacturers because of the experience, of the passion and of the technology which we find there. We take care of the maintenance of all the vehicles which we sell by bringing to know how to it make and the biggest concern of the detail.

Besides 35 years of service to the customers and to their cars, our technicians' team built up to itself an exemplary reputation. That it is about your "high-end" vehicle or about your sportscar, our technicians trained and confirmed by the builders know better that whoever the service and the particular care who must be ensured to them.

Considering the increasing number of computers embarked on the current vehicles, the technicians of Car Aficionado know perfectly when, how and why the data to inter act, how to diagnose quickly and exactly the problem, and how to of resolve the breakdown.

Porsche 911


• Road side

As owner of a premium vehicle and\or a sportscar, you should benefit from the guarantee of a "carefree" use. In case however would arise an unforeseen mechanical incident, our customers will benefit from an offer of road side complete which will be proposed to them and to whom they can subscribe. Our expert technicians are the best qualified to supply in your vehicles the best attention as well as the best possible treatment.


CAR AFICIONADO also proposes to its customers of the additional services such as:

- Deposit Sale :

You wish to obtain the best value of resale for your "classic" automobile,
By entrusting us your car, you will benefit from following advantages:
     Fixed and guaranteed sale prices, advertising in the best specialized magazines, the showroom visited by numerous customers, insertion of the announcement on our Web site and updated customers regular via e-mail, comprehensive insurance of the vehicle stored in our premises.

- Guarding:

This service includes the storage in a dry and ventilated environment, an insurance against theft and a fire, a storage heightened to avoid damage in wheels and pneumatics, cover anti dust, a stake on the way the engine regular, and a stake in periodic responsibility of the battery.

If the customer wishes it, we can ensure as optional services, the periodic rolling of the vehicle, the repair works, maintenance and preparation for stake for the road as well as the transport " to go and return " to the indicated(appointed) address.

- Organization of meetings and events:

Your company wishes you it to organize a fascinating event, to reward it customers or co-workers with unforgettable day?

CAR AFICIONADO is able to propose you the rent of "classic" Porsche on racing circuits such as Nogaro and Pau Arnos.

Tests timed some tours (towers, ballots) of circuit can be organized to incite the competitive spirit of the drivers.

Our specialized staff and our technicians will follow the participants during the day, lavishing them all the necessary assistance to ensure a result satisfying this event.

Need these services ? Contact us !

Porsche 911

Porsche 911